Is this the death of the essay?

In many aspects i like your ideas, teaching undergraduate students to write is not an easy task. I was pretty good at writing when i was a student, but now, I am the one who asks students to write them and they have a really hard time when doing this.

Breana Bayraktar

In The End of the College Essay, Rebecca Schuman writes about the dubious pleasure of reading papers written by undergraduates, of spending hours trying to decipher their writing and then provide feedback. Compounding the difficulty is the sense that all that work is for naught, as most students see little value in the whole endeavor. 

[As an aside, the post was so controversial that the Chronicle had to publish an open letter in support of her right to share her opinion without losing her job. Which just is absolutely so shocking. No matter what position she’s arguing – and, it’s Slate, so it’s bound to be at least a little edgy – it has no bearing on her ability to do her job. Which ability, incidentally, those of us out here in internetland have absolutely no basis of judging, given that we are not her students or colleagues.] 


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